You can install LOOP through LuaRocks using the following command.

   luarocks install loop


LOOP is provided as free software under the terms of the MIT license, which are the same terms of the Lua's license. You can download the LOOP package from the following link. See below for installation instructions.

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To make the LOOP packages available for any Lua application you may simply execute it in the folder you unpacked LOOP. Therefore, to give it a try, just execute the Lua stand-alone interpreter in the directory you unpacked LOOP. However, to properly install LOOP in your environment you must unpack it in the Lua package directory, which is defined by the luaconf.h file during the compilation of Lua. The default values for this directory are listed below:

Directory where the application (e.g. stand-alone interpreter) is installed. Therefore, to use LOOP in Windows you may simply unpack the loop package in the same folder the Lua stand-alone interpreter (or other Lua application) is installed.

You can also define the directories Lua searches for packages by setting the LUA_PATH environment variable. For further information check the Lua manual.

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