Database connectivity for the Lua programming language


LuaSQL 2.1.1 [29/Oct/2007]
  • Fixed a bug in the SQLite3 error handling (patch by David Burgess)
  • Fixed bug [#1770] for SQLite 3 (found by Enrico Tassi, patch by Marc Nijdam)
  • Fixed bug [#1834] for SQLite 3 (found by Savin Zlobec, patch by Marc Nijdam)
LuaSQL 2.1.0 [29/Aug/2007]
  • Added support for SQLite 3
  • Bug correction: freeing PGresults in the Postgres driver (thanks to Michael Broughton)
  • Corrected memory leak when no cursor created (thanks to Klaus Ripke)
  • Corrected bug avoiding duplicate access to stack
LuaSQL 2.0.2 [26/Jun/2006]
  • numrows method added to MySQL driver.
  • Added a config for the makefile.
  • Added configuration for the UnixODBC driver.
  • Bug fixes to the SQLite driver (bug found by Mike Petersen).
  • Bug fixes to the JDBC, OCI8 and ADO drivers.
  • Improved tests.
  • Updated documentation.
LuaSQL 2.0.1 [02/Jun/2005]
  • Bug fixes to the ODBC driver.
LuaSQL 2.0.0 [22/Mar/2005]
  • Added ADO driver and some bug fixes to the ODBC driver.
LuaSQL 2.0 Beta 3 [23/Dec/2004]
  • Minor bug fixes.
LuaSQL 2.0 Beta 2 [26/Nov/2004]
  • Bug fixes
  • New SQLite and JDBC drivers
  • LuaSQL now follows the package model for Lua 5.1 (see Installation section for more details).
LuaSQL 2.0 Beta [10/Nov/2003]

Changes from previous versions

Version 2.x has some design changes and implementation improvements compared to version 1.0:

  • New fetch method: more eficient and more flexible
  • New setautocommit method
  • Lua 5.0 and 5.1 compatible
  • Dynamically loadable or statically linked
  • New drivers for Oracle and MySQL databases




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