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LoriotPro scripting documentation
Extensions for LUA language

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Table of contents

Introduction to LoriotPro scripting
Needs for processing SNMP data, directory information, graphical maps
Step 1 - Reading documentation

Step 2 - Finding SNMP object index

Step 3 - Performing SNMP get
Step 4 - Data treatment
Step 5 - Displaying results
LUA scritping language and LoriotPro
LUA scripting language implementation
Script as Virtual SNMP object
Creating a virtual snmp object
Predefined virtual SNMP object
Exception on virtual SNMP object utilization
Using LUA scripts in LoriotPro
Launching script from menu
Launching script from a host shortcut
Lauching a modal Active View and a LUA script from a host shortcut
Lauching a script from the report center tree
Using LUA scripts in Active View
Introduction to scripting in Active View
Available script types with Active View
Using virtual SNMP object in Active View
Scientific calculator and inline script
Scheduling scripts
Launching script on double click
Launching script from an object contextual menu
Launching a script from the AV main menu
Using Active View initialization script
LUA Script Development Environment - LSDE
Introduction to LSDE
Editor window
Variables edition area
Trace and message window
Active View display window

Developing dynamic WEB pages (hlua and xlua)

Configuring the WEB server for HLUA XLUA support
Configuring the user profil
Access to HLUA or XLUA files
Access to HLUA or XLUA files from a standard URL
Access to HLUA or XLUA files attached to a user profile
File attached to global script
Creation of  WEB page as HLUA / XLUA files
A very basic example in hlua (The “Hello World” Web page)
A very basic example in xlua (The “Hello World” Web page)
WEB file naming convention and structure
Access LoriotPro global variables and the http header variables
Testing a WEB page in the script  editor
Example of advanced WEB pages written in LUA XML (XLUA)
Limitation of HLUA, XLUA WEB pages
LUA proprietary LoriotPro Functions
Introduction to LoriotPro LUA function
Definition file of system variables
All purposes functions (Snmp, directory, event, syslog, plugin etc.) - lp.
Active View functions - lpav.
Wizard functions - lpw.
LUA functions from A to Z
LUA external libraries of functions
Projet Lua_Wizard_LIB
Compatibility matrix of LUA library
LUA Licence
Lua 5.0 license
Lua 4.0 license