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RRD Graph global properties

The global properties of a RRD graph profile allow you to change the visual appearance of a graph.

Each rrd graphs has the following settable properties:

Graphic title, Y axis legend, Y axis scaling, width, hight and a time span define by astart date/time and a end date/time.

 rrd graph properties

You can access the the global properties of a graph in the graph process creation or, if the graph profil already exist, directly from the rrd manager, graphic configuration interface.

Select the Global Settings tab to defines the graph mandatory parameters.

graph properties

Details of RRD graph settings options are given in the following table

Graph Name

A unique name that identify the rrd graph in the graph profile

Graph Title

A title displayed at the top of the rrd graph

Display title

Allows you to remove the title from the rrd graph

End Time now

The rrd graph defines a time span on its Y axis. If the box is check the time of the right point will be always the current time.

Time Range

If you have selected now, the rrd graph will display a time span based on your selection

Start Date and Start time

Allow you to define the start date and start time of the rrd graph (the left time value on the Y axis)

End Date and end Time

Allow you to define the end date and end time of the graph (the right time value on the Y axis)

Drawing Area Width

The rrd graph is an image with a height and a width that can be changed

Drawing Area Width

The rrd graph is an image with a height and a width that can be changed
Image format

The image file format (GIF or PNG)

Y axis  Scaling

The Y axis value can be displayed on a linear or logarithmic scale.

Y axis legend

You can define the legend of the Y axis. We usually specify the unit

Display Y Axis legend

Allow you to remove the Y legend from the rrd graph

When you have set the rrd graph to the appropriate settings you should click the Save button before quiting or selecting another tab.