RRD Manager - RRD Collector
Administrator Handbook


Create a RRD graphic report from PING requests

The IP PING tab allows you to setup RRD graphs that display the round trip time of IP ping packet between the LoriotPro console and a set of hosts of your choice. The requests are simple IP ping packet (icmp echo request and icmp echo reply). The time interval between the request and the reply (the time needed by the packet to make the round trip) is used in the graph.

You can in a single graph see the performance and availability of different hosts (IP address(es)). This mode include a DNS resolver that helps you to find the IP address(es) attached to a host name.

After the database initialized the graph will start to be updated.
This mode generates 5 graphs that display the trends of the collected SNMP objects.

Example of IP ping graph with RRD Collector (mode AREA, donnée affichée en surface pleine)

ping graph

When you initially select the IP Ping tab you access the following window

RRD ping rtt collection

The window contains a table that should be filled with the hosts to ping

There are two methods to fill in this table:

The directory picker allow you to select a host in the directory

directory picker

The DNS button pop up a list of addresses for the select host name

dns resolution

One the name and address is set enter or change the complementary parameters

The Time To Live allow you to define the maximum number of IP routers that this packet can go through. This is the hop count by default set to 32.

The packet size allows you to choose the size of the ping packet. Performance can be there evaluated for all packet size.

The Time Out parameter defines the maximum time to wait before considering a non response from the remote host. To evaluate the value do a signle ping when the condition are correct and take 5 time this value as time out.

Proceed to the same step for each host to add in the list.

In the following example we evaluate the performance for different packet sizes on the same host.

host to ping list

You can select the Graph Style between the following three styles

The available styles are :

LINE : Data are display as line in the graph

AREA : Data are display as area in the graph

STACK : Data are stacked in the definition order in the graph

The polling interval allows you to choose the frequency of the polling. If you choose interval higher than 2 mn the Hourly graph will not be displayed. We recommand to let the default of 1 minute.

When you have finished and chosen the parameters you must click on the Initialize DataBase button

When the DataBase is created is is not possible to go back. The plugin has to be deleted if you want to recreate a new database for these host ping list.

You can now quit the configuration window and start the data collection. After 2 polling you should see the first data graphed on the right side of the hourly graph.

Here an example afer one hour of polling

area ping graph