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RRD database creation

The creation of an RRD database is a simple process that can be performed from the RRD Manager interface. Before creating a database you should have defined a RRD database profile. The profile is used to set the structure of the database. A same profile can be used to define multiple databases. Each database will be unique. When a rrd database is defined, its structure cannot be changed, although the rrd database can be cleared from its data.

To create a new rrd database select the databases tab of the RRD Manager interface and click on the create button.

The following dialog pops up.

 The next steps consist of completing the fields with the rrd database parameters.

The rrd database name identifies the database among others; choose a friendly name that describes the database usage.

Remark: Do not use space characters in the name.

The rrd database path is the file name that will be assigned to the database file. Keep the default extension (.rrd) used by RRD tool.

Next, select a profile in the profile list

Finally select a creation date, an author and a description. All this fields are optional but can help you to identify the rrd database itself.

 When all the fields are filled, click on the OK button to create the rrd database.

You can check that the rrd database has been created correctly

Either by clicking on the view button (select the dabatase line in the list first) or by looking in the /bin/RRDDataBases/ directory for the rrd file.

If the view button doesn’t work of the rrd database file is not created you can activate the log and check the command line option and return value.

Here is an example of an unsuccessful creation.

12/12/06 11:29:00;Manager;rrdtool.exe create ".\RRDataBases\Router_Main_Interfaces_Packets.rrd" -b 1165951047 -s 60 DS:DS2_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U DS:DS1_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U DS:DS3_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U DS:DS4_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U

12/12/06 11:29:00;Manager;RRDtool.exe return: ERROR: you must define at least one Round Robin Archive

The error message indicates that the Round Robin archive was not defined. You should open the profile and add at least one Archive.

When the profile is modified and the error corrected you can select the database and click on the reset button.

The reset button completely regenerates the rrd database.

The log shows the RRD tool command, no error were generated

12/12/06 11:40:18;Manager;rrdtool.exe create ".\RRDataBases\Router_Main_Interfaces_Packets.rrd" -b 1165951047 -s 60 DS:DS2_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U DS:DS1_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U DS:DS3_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U DS:DS4_Counter:COUNTER:120:U:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:11000

A view of the database shows the contains (empty) of the rrd database

database dump


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