SMS Dispatch Manager

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Table Contents (version française)

SMS Dispatch Manager
Escalation concept  
Installation and Setup  
Overall configuration steps  
Software installation  
GSM Modem List  
Modem Installation  
Modem setup  
Modem Information  
Testing modem  
Creation of user recipient  
Creation of recipient list  
Testing recipients & recipient lists  
Global settings  
Filtering events to send SMS (if LoriotPro software installed)  
Administration and operation  
Launching SMS Dispatch Manager in autonomous mode  
Operating SMS Dispatch Manager  
Creating SMS with SMS Editor - Sending SMS from a third party program  
Sending SMS with Powershell script  
Sending SMS with a Python script  
Managing acknowledgement SMS  
Triggering corrective actions via SMS - if LoriotPro software installed  
Sending SMS for Notification - if LoriotPro software installed  
Displaying the Incoming SMS in the Modem memory  
History of SMS sent  
Sending an SMS upon receipt of a Windows Event  
Communication Errors (Error 1xxx)  
Modem & SIM Errors (Error 2xxx)  
Network Errors (Error 3xxx)  
SMS Send Errors (Error 4xxx)  
SMS Read Errors (Error 5xxx)  
SMS Delete Errors (Error 6xxx)  
General Errors (Error 8xxx)  
SMS Technical Information  
SMS phone number format  
SMS PDU - Protocol Identifier field  
SMS Data Coding Scheme  
Modem AT Commands  
SMS Default alphabet  
SMS service center addresses