SMS Dispatch Manager

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Launching SMS Dispatch Manager in autonomous mode

SMS Distpatch Manager in autonomous mode allows you to send SMS from any third party programs. This chapter doesn't concern users that use our software LoriotPro.

Reminder: Provided in the package,  the SMS Editor program allows any third-party program to create an SMS which will be filed in a queue. In this case, the SMS Editor is used in command line mode and facilitates the creation of SMS messages from any application located on any computer on your network. With the SMS Editor you can also through its GUI to manually create a text message. 

In autonomous mode, SMS Dispatch Manager is launched by the LP Launcher program below.

LP Launcher

A double click on the SMS Dispatch Manager icon open the program.

The option "Tools" of the menu allow you to access the SMS Editor graphical interface (GUI).

From the menu Help you can acces this documentation in Windows Help format (CHM). This one is also available on-line.