SMS Dispatch Manager

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Introduction to SMS Dispatch Manager


SMS Dispatch Manager is a program running under Microsoft Windows that allows you to send SMS via a GSM modem physically connected to your system.

The originality of the SMS Dispatch Manager program is linked to its ability to acknowledge and escalate the SMS messages. Anywhere it is vital that the SMS message is effectively taken into account quickly by one or more recipients, this solution provides the maximum guaranty of delivery. Sending SMS from a directly connected modem also provides additional level of security by eliminating the risk of unavailability of network equipment and other intermediate gateways required in many solutions of our competitors. Add a UPS to power the system and the modem and then you have a SMS notification tool with a very high availability very reassuring for monitoring fire or air conditioning failure, flood, etc.

This program is able to work individually or within our monitoring solution LoriotPro. The support of acknowledgment functions and the three levels of escalation makes it the ideal program for all the monitoring and alarm solutions in a Windows environment (Perfmon, CMOS, OV ..) but also on Windows Events or on email receptions.

If you are looking for an autonomous solution for sending SMS, you can interface our SMS Dispatch Manager solution with most Windows programs. Provided in the package,  the SMS Editor program allows any third-party program to create an SMS which will be filed in a queue. In this case, the SMS Editor is used in command line mode and facilitates the creation of SMS messages from any application located on any computer on your network. With the SMS Editor you can also through its GUI to manually create a text message. 
If you opt for SMS Dispatch Manager as an add-on to our network monitoring program LoriotPro, it allows you to receive directly on your mobile phone alarms generated by the system.

SMS Dispatch Manager within LoriotPro (plugin) frees you from the constraints of visual monitoring of the management console and notifies you when you travel to the health of your information system. While LoriotPro realizes what he does best, the supervision of your network equipment and your systems, you are able without fear of losing a critical alarm can concentrate on your priority tasks. If case of anomalies in your information system, LoriotPro transmit the event to SMS Dispatch Manager module which, in turn, will send you a notification via SMS. You can also trigger remote action on your LoriotPro monitoring solution by sending command keys through SMS.

The integrated acknowledge system and the escalation process assure the message delivery to the on-duty staff.

SMS manager concept

The SMS Manager solution has the following characteristics:

SMS Manager is an autonomous solution and provides a secure way for notifying network or system administrators of anomalies. The solution relies on LoriotPro software availability, a GSM Modem and a working GSM Network operator.

The recipient of a SMS is always a list of user recipient(s) and thus allows the diffusion of an event to multiple users.

SMS Manager handles acknowledge messages.  Each SMS sent, includes a unique number that should be used by the recipient to acknowledge it.

SMS Manager includes three levels of escalation. Escalation provides the guaranty that an event or alarm has been taken into account and correctly treated by the responsible people (Acknowledged).

The non-acknowledge of the received SMS in the allocated time by the on duty staff at one levels triggers the escalation of the messages to the next level. The acknowledge delay can be set list by list and user per user.

SMS Manager can be used with any professional GSM/SMS modem that follows the GSM. ETSI 07.05 standard and among them Wavecom , Multitech, Nokia, Siemens, SIMCOM, Sony Ericsson, Teltonika.

SMS Manager provides many options for setting up and testing the modem, the GSM network, and SMS delivery.

SMS Manager requires to subscribe a plan to a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications ) Network operator and of course that the PC with the LoriotPro software and the GSM modem is located in a GSM coverage area.