SMS Dispatch Manager

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Working principle - Escalation


SMS Dispatch Manager
is a solution that sends SMS messages (notification, alarms and events) generated by third party programs (SMS Editor) or by our LoriotPro software to mobile phone in SMS format.

SMS are small text messages (140 or 160 characters) handle by all the GSM network operators.

The working principle of the SMS Dispatch Manager software either in autonmous mode or as a module (plugin) of LoriotPro is based on a file queue of messages. The message queue contains the sms messages identified by a unique four digit number. The number is assigned when the sms is added to the queue. To each message in the queue is attached a distribution list (recipient list). A recipient list contains the recipients, user phone numbers, where to send the sms message.

The queue is periodically browsed by SMS Dispatch Manager and actions, send of sms, ecalation of the sms, are executed regarding the status of the messages.

Message recipient status are described in the table below :


The sms message has not been sent to the recipient.This status is possible if the message has just been added to the queue or if the escalation level for that recipient is not yet reached.


The sms message has been delivered and acknowledged by the recipient. The acknowledgement is performed by sending back a sms with the same sms number.


The sms message has not been acknowledged by the recipient but the maximum delay for sending it is not yet reached.


The sms message has not been acknowledged by the recipient and the maximum delay for sending it is reached.

To add a new message in the queue LoriotPro create a file with a dedicated format (XML) and stores it in a dedicated directory. SMS Dispatch Manager looks in this directory at regular interval and add to the queue the new messages.

SMS Dispatch Manager supports three level of escalation. Escalation procedure gives a guaranty of delivery of the sms messages to the on-duty people. Each level of the escalation procedure can contain one or more recipients. If at least one of the recipient of the current processed escalation level acknowledges the sms the procedure is terminated.

sms escalation