SMS Dispatch Manager

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Software Installation


Depending of the working mode choosen, either in autonomous mode or within LoriotPro, the installation steps varies.

In autonomous mode

In automous mode, the installation package should be first download from our WEB site.

Start the installation by a double click on the package. The LP Launcher installer for SMS Dispatch Manager "Welcome screen" below should be displayed.

LP Launcher

Choose the path for the installation location and click the Install button.

LP Luancher Installation Path

When done you can start the program from the Windows Menu or from the Icon shorcut.

LP Launcher Menu

As a module of LoriotPro

You should first have an installed version of LoriotPro. The SMS Dispatch Manager plug-in is a LoriotPro service plug-in and should be launched from the Service tab.

Select the Service tab and click the right mouse button. From the list of available Service Plugin select SMS Dispatch Manager

sms dispatch manager installation  


It is also possible to install the SMS Dispatch Manager plug-in from the main menu option service. You can either select the plugin from the menu or select the Add New Service option.

The add new service option display a list of available plugin with thier description.

sms dispatch manager description

A double click on the plugin launches the program and displays the SMS Dispatch Manager console window.