SMS Dispatch Manager

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Testing the communication with the gsm modem

When the gsm modem is connected you can proceed to the tests. The tests allows you to check that the serial communication port is open between the PC and the modem and that the gsm network is reachable.

To verify the communication on the serial COM port, enter the Setup and select the Modem Settings tab.

Enter the modem parameters and click on the connect button. Be patient, this can take a while. The image on the left should be animated during that time.

If the communication is established the Connected Successfully message is displayed. The Connect button becomes greyed.

gsm modem testing connect

You can disconnect by a click on the Disconnect button

modem disconnect

If the port parameters are not correct or if the gsm modem is not responding, the following error message should be displayed

modem com port error

In that case you should change the wrong parameters or check that the modem is physically well connected.

Change the speed to the common 9600 Bps value, data bits to 8, parity to none, stop bits to 1. You can increase the port speed later on step by step.

If the modem is equiped with a protected SIM card you need to provide the PIN code.

If you do not enter a PIN code you get the following error message:

error on pin number

Or if the PIN number is wrong:

gsm modem wrong pin number

If the connect methode is successfull you should check that the gsm network is available.

Process to the tests by following the modem information chapter instructions.

If you have other behavior, you can also proceed to advanced testing in the troubleshooting tab.