SMS Dispatch Manager

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Creation of user recipient


The Recipient dialog box of the SMS Dispatch Manager Setup allows you to define people names and their associated mobile phone number.  

User recipients are not used directly by the SMS sending process. In the waiting queue there are only SMS messages waiting to be sent to recipient lists and not to recipients.

Recipients are used to compose recipient list. A recipient list contains at least one Recipient.

To create a new recipient you must enter in setup mode and select the Recipient tab.

sms recipient creation

Click on the Create button. The create dialog box pops up.

sms recipient creation

Enter the name of the new recipient.

Enter its mobile phone number.

A destination number can be:

International format i.e. with '+<Country Code>' as prefix (e.g. +919873094767)

National format, without country code prefix (e.g. 9873094767)

To have more information of the phone number refers to : SMS phone number format

Next enter the e-mail address of the recipient (this field is not required in the initial release of the SMS Dispatch Manager Plugin.

If a recipient with the same name exist or if your are editing an existing one, a warning is displayed before modification.

sms recipient error

Example of new entry:

sms recipient completed

When you have defined the recipient you can go to the next step with Recipient Lists creation