SMS Dispatch Manager

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Creation of recipient list


The recipient lists are use to define a set of recipients and their relative position in the escalation procedure.

SMS in the queue are always attached to a recipient list. A recipient list can contains one or multiple recipients.

If you want to have an escalation of an SMS you must at least define two recipients in the list at two different levels. See escalation process.

The recipient lists are created from the Setup dialog box. The Recipient Lists tab gives you access to the following dialog box:

recipient lists

From there you can see the list of Recipient List available and if you click on one of this list you get the details of that list.

A recipient list is identified by a unique name and a description. A list can contains one or more recipient.

Each recipient has a level (position in the escalation procedure) and an acknowledge time.

The acknowledge time is the maximum time that the SMS Dispatch Manager process will wait for an acknowledgement, a received SMS before the escalation of this message to the next level of the escalation procedure.

To create a new recipient list click on the create button. To edit and existing recipient list, click on the edit button. In both case you open the dialog box below:

Recipient list creation

In the create dialog box you must enter a name and a description for that list.
Next you should fill the list of recipients; a double click on one recipient adds it to the list. For each recipient you should select the escalation level and the acknowledge time.

When your list is completed, press OK to quit and save.