SMS Dispatch Manager

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Filtering events to send SMS

The filter configuration of events is detailed in the chapters on filtering events of the LoriotPro documentation.

We recall the following principles.

Many programs are capable within LoriotPro to generate messages called event. These messages inform the administrator of a state change in its information system, a malfunction, a resource overload, surpassing quota, a loss of quality and performance.

The events are directly generated by the internal process and the monitoring modules of the LoriotPro software. They may also be the results of actions of filters on SNMP TRAP or SYSLOG messages sent directly by equipments and systems to the console LoriotPro.

To receive alarms via SMS, we must first set up the software modules (plugin) and filtering rules that will generate events and set thresholds or states generating these events.

For example, events may be generated when memory or disk space reaches a limit value, an operating temperature is exceeded, a network is saturated, a server not responding, a service is not responding within good response time, etc ...

On receipt of an event LoriotPro performs several tasks simultaneously.

  1. It displays the event in a window of the GUI.
  2. It saves the event in a history file.
  3. It checks if filters are available for this event.
  4. It perform the action(s) of the filters.

One of the possible action of an event filter, is to send an SMS to a recipient list created in SMS Dispatch Manager.

The action is then performed and the message is stored in a directory dedicated to this purpose (/bin/sms_queue). The SMS Dispatch Manager scans the directory at regular intervals and adds the new message in the SMS queue for processing.
SMS Dispatch Manager scans the queue and sends waiting messages in the form of SMS messages to mobile phones of the concerned recipients.

SMS working chain

Here is a complete example for configuration of an event filter that will trigger a SMS send.

For the generation of an event we have created an Active View containing a single button that send an event (number 7000040) when double clicking. The dispatch of the event is achieved by using a script LUA.

The first step is to create the event 7000040 to be used in our example.

From LoriotPro menu, select Configure -> Register New Event Number.

Event registration Access

For creating the event, enter the value (7000040 in the Event Number field, enter a comment describing the event and then click the Register or Modify Event button.

Event registration

The next step is to create an Active View containing a button to send the event 7000040. We do not detail the steps of creating an Active View.
See the chapter on Active View.

The Active View finalized.

Send Event

Next, we create the LUA script used for the generation of the event with the Script Editor.


The function used lp.SendEvent generates an event number 7000040 whose message is: "Test - event / alarm 7000040 sent from LoriotPro with SMS Dispatch Manager"

Script Send Event

When the script is created, add the mouse double click action "Run Script" on the button object of the Active View.

Active View Configuration

A double click on the button trigger an event that should be displayed in the Event window. (700040 in our example)

Event reception

For there to be an action of sending a SMS at the reception of this event, we must create a filter on this event.

We recommend using the wizard, accessible through the below contextual menu (right click).

Event Filter Wizard

Event creation

Answer Yes to create the filter.

Filter action Send SMS

The Send SMS option is selected in the Action Type drop-down list.

You must select the recipient list of this action.

SMS snet action

By default the Action Parameter field contains the variable %m. The variable %m contains the text of the message generated in our example by the LUA script. Other variables are available; see the documentation on configuring events filters.

The configuration of the filter is completed, it appears under the 7000040 event in the Filter tab.

Filter List

The setup is complete, double click on button in the Active View must generate the event 7000040. The filter action will deposit the message in the queue of SMS Dispatch Manager.

Warning: To see the message in the queue, it is necessary that the process is started (Start) and updating the queue has been completed. By default the update takes place every thirty seconds. A manual update can be made via the Update Queue button.

The message in the queue waiting for being processed.

Event in SMS queue

At the reception of the messages on the mobile phone, the acknowledgment is done by a SMS message back containing the four-digit number on the message (0023 in our example.

1 - Select the message --- 2 - View the message --- 3 – Acknowledge the message

SMS on Mobile --->SMS Text --->SMS acknowledge

The message acknowledged in the queue.

Acknowledged message