SMS Dispatch Manager

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Managing acknowledgment SMS

SMS Acknowledgment

At the arrival of an event/alarm on the LoriotPro monitoring console, the filtering system configured to send the alarm message as a SMS, stores it in a queue for treatment. The SMS Dispatch Manager module analyzes this queue at regular intervals and sends SMS pending messages.

On receipt of an SMS on his cell phone, the on-duty administrator wishing to take over the treatment of the anomaly, responds with a SMS message to the  LoriotPro console. if The SMS Dispatch Manager receive a SMS with the right contain it considers the alarm as having been taken into account and did not escalate.

When an on-call user receives a SMS, he normally should acknowledge the SMS by sending back to the phone number of  the GSM modem connected to LoriotPro system, a SMS containing the number identifying the received message.

At the reception of the messages on the mobile phone, the acknowledgment is done by a SMS message back containing the four-digit number on the message (0023 in our example.

1 - Select the message --- 2 - View the message --- 3 – Acknowledge the message

SMS on Mobile --->SMS Text --->SMS acknowledge

Checking incoming messages

The SMS messages received by the modem are stored in its internal memory.

The SMS Dispatch Manager browses the internal modem memory at each update interval of the processing queue. If SMS containing acknowledge number are found, the SMS queue is updated accordingly and the corresponding SMS flagged as acknowledged (ACK status).

The internal memory modem containing messages can be viewed in configuration mode.