SMS Dispatch Manager

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History log of SMS sent

The history log files of the SMS message processing provide a control on the SMS Dispatch Manager program and on the treatment of each SMS message. It ensures that SMS had been sent and acknowledged by the people in charge.

The history files are automatically generated once per day. The generation time is set by the option Setup -> Global Setting -> History Creation Time.
By default the history file is created at ten past midnight.

All messages in the queue and whose date of creation (date of queue insertion) is prior to a delay (variable) are automatically saved in the history file and then removed from the queue. The aging time is set in the global settings. Option "Aging Time for Message Deletion"

To access the log files, click the History button in the main SMS Dispatch Manager window.

Histroique des sms

The message’s status are identical to those in the queue. See the section above for an explanation on the various status.