SMS Dispatch Manager

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Display the Incoming SMS in the Modem memory

The reception of SMS by SMS Dispatch Manager is possible and allows the LoriotPro administrator to be notified of any events by the on-call people, to receive acknowledgement sms or sms for action.

The SMS are stored in the GSM modem memory upon their reception. At each queue processing interval the program also read the memory for incoming sms and take the appropriate decision.

If the SMS Dispatch Manager is not started (button Start) the SMS stay in the modem memory.

It is possible to read the contents of the modem memory directly from the Setup of SMS Dispatch Manager by selection the Incoming Messages tab.

Incoming sms memory

We can notice in the upper example that the modem memory for incoming sms contains 3 SMS.

The sms messages stay in memory because SMS Dispatch manager has not been started since their reception. They should be collected at the next start.

It is necessary to check from time to time that the modem memory is not full of sms that have not being purged by the program.