SMS Dispatch Manager Table des matières

Erreur Modem & SIM (Error 2xxx)

Error Code Error Description
2001 Invalid message memory setting
2002 Cannot read message memory setting
2003 Cannot read modem manufacturer
2004 SIM card is damaged
2005 No SIM card is inserted
2006 Invalid PIN status response
2007 Communication error while checking PIN status
2008 Invalid or wrong PIN
2009 Invalid or wrong PUK
2010 Modem is waiting SIM PUK to be given
2011 Unknown error while checking PIN status
2012 Communication error while sending PIN
2013 Invalid PIN
2014 Blank PIN is not allowed
2015 Unknown error while sending PIN
2016 Cannot read modem firmware revision
2017 Cannot read modem IMEI
2018 Cannot read modem model
2019 Invalid message memory type
2020 Error checking PIN status
2021 Error sending PIN
2022 Cannot read battery charge level
2023 Cannot read own number
2024 Invalid value for delay after PIN
2025 Cannot read IMSI information
2026 Error verifying PIN status after full functionality mode
2027 The modem is not in a state to accept AT Commands