Administrator Handbook TOC

Building symbolic network view and network map

Symbolic network view uses symbolic graphical objects and allows you to create a drawing that is not linked to any topological or geographical constraints.

In the symbols sub directory you find most of useful devices, router, PC, switch, alarms …

To add a symbol to the drawing of a symbolic network view, drag and drop the router symbol icon to the drawing area. A dialog box is open asking you to choose in the list of symbols.

create a symbolic network map

For example, the import InterNetwork MAP creates a symbolic view of your Network at the IP level.

It is possible to create symbolic network view that mixes all the level or that displays the physical link (Ethernet level) between Hosts.

symbolic network view

When the graphical objects are all set you should configure it one by one to control their behavior. On this example the 2nd floor switch is green indicating a good operationnal state.