Administrator Handbook TOC

Creating an Active View template

An Active View template is a standard Active View that could be re-used multiple times.

If you have in your network devices that have the same configuration and support the same SNMP objects, a single Active View could be initially defined and applied later to other devices of the same type.

You have seen in the previous configuration example that the Active View has a default IP address. In a template this default IP address is used every time that a IP address is required in a GetStatus or SNMP request.

When the dynamic aspect of an element of the device is based on a SNMP request, it is necessary to be sure that the same SNMP object request is responding in all your devices.

If you control the color of a physical interface by getting its current operational status (ifoperstatus) which is an indexed OID, you have to be sure that the interfaces located in the devices to which you want to apply this template have the same index. Else after applying the template you will have to manually modify the index.