Administrator Handbook TOC

Global network map

In this example, we will build a geographical global network map and set the main locations of a company.

The company is located in Europe and has entities in 5 locations in 5 countries.

We create first a new Active View called EuropeView . Next we insert an Active View under the LoriotPro Object. This choice is not mandatory; you could insert it anywhere in the tree. We decided to set the view under LoriotPro object.

A double click on the Active View opens the window in edit mode. The edit mode allows creating a view and adding objects to this view.

The first object we add is the background object. Our background object is a map of Europe and is of type Background Map.

import clipart map

Select the map you want to add from the list we choose Europe. We adjust the position by moving the image in the upper left corner and the size by dragging the down right corner to the bottom of the screen. The final screen size could be checked by setting the scale to 100 %.

size clipart map

We should now change one property of this object. Call the contextual menu of this object and check the no actif border box.

Once the map is set, check the no selectable option. The background MAP cannot be selected with the mouse facilitating the edition of objects located on the top of it

object properties

We could add the Town object in each country. Do a drag and drop of a building type choose the appropriate building form the list box.

network map

For each object we could set a different name, in the properties dialog box.

network map name

We create the link between each town. To proceed, select one town and a second town with the sift key pressed. Click the Icon connector or select connect from the menu shape.

network link

Repeat this step for each connector.

Warning: The connector lines are always created in the background position and are not visible because hidden by the background image. Select the background image and move it again to the background level.

You can change the size of the link by setting the line width.

We could now define the dynamic aspect of each object. We decided to link the object to the status of their respective container in the directory.

Open the Properties dialog box from the contextual menu, select Dynamic Aspect option and select Get status of directory object as request. A wizard opens automatically. Select the directory object as shown below and click OK.

network map object

It is now necessary to insert an action link to this. Click insert button in the Action List. Select the action by clicking on the row.

Select the template ObjectStatus.tpl, this will add all the necessary rules. Modify event parameter if you want by clicking in the table cell.

network map object rule

Click the Activate Dynamic aspect. The color of the object changes to reflect the current status of the container.

network map object status

Repeat this step for each town object.

We could now change the dynamic aspect of the links. We will use the status of router interfaces for modifying the color. The best is to select the interface remotely located from the point of view of LoriotPro. If the remote interface is up, it means that the link works

We should first select the link to change. We select the connector to change the properties. If you cannot select a connector, verify that the Deactivate connector object is not checked in the menu option edit.

In the properties select Dynamic aspect and then select Get status of directory host.

Select wizard mode and answer no to Use Default IP address. Pick the host that represents the interface of the router. Answer yes to Load Expression Filter and select ObjectStatus template.

Answer yes to the delete expression filter question.

network map object view

Activate the Dynamic aspect when finish

network map object link status

The link should be displayed with color of the current status.

Remark: The color of a container reflects the worst status of one of its object. On the upper example we see that in Paris something is going bad.

To have a detail network view of what is happening in Paris the best is to define a new Active View with the details (see next chapter)