Administrator Handbook TOC

Working with Active View objects

Setting the Object global properties

To set the global properties of an object select it with a mouse click and open the contextual menu with the mouse right button.

Choose Properties at the bottom. The following dialog box appears.

Under the Global tab, you could define the properties below:

Object Name: This is the name that appears under the rectangle area of the object.

Lock Size ratio: The ratio between the object width and height is locked when the object is resized.

Hidden Text (Clipart object): The name of the object is displayed by default under the Object rectangle

No active border/Tips: This check box enable or disable the border and tips tool of an object. In the example below the mouse is over the object, the pink rectangle is displayed and the tip rectangle.

No Polling Border: The Border of an active object is displayed by default. If you want top remove it check this box.

If the object is a Clipart object you can choose another clipart from the clipart selection dialog box.

The size and position of the object could also be defined here by specifying value in pixel.