Administrator Handbook TOC

Working with Connector Object

Connector creates links between two objects. Connectors are attached to the centre of two objects and follow them if you move them.

To create a connector between two object select them with a mouse left click and the shift key.

Then select in the menu the option shape and option Connect with Connector Objet.

Or click on the button Interconnect Selected Object 

You get the following result:

A link between both object appears. This link as the same properties as a line object, its aspect could be dynamic.

The connector object is possible in a multiple object selection. The last object select in a group is the concentration point of the entire Connector object. The example below shows the result of such a selection. The server in the centre was the last selected object.

When you do a multiple selection


you could select the default object of the group by using the MAJ key  and the mouse left click.

If you keep the CTRL key pressed, you could suppress object from the selection.

The connector object is not selectable by default.

Few ways allow you to select a Connector object.

In the menu Edit, uncheck the Deactivate Connector Object option. Then when the mouse moves over the connector the surrounding pink rectangle appears. The object could be selected.

In a group of selected objects, the selection of all the connector objects is possible. In the menu Edit select the Select Only connector in the selection option.

You can also select all the connector objects of a View from the menu Edit.

Remarks: This option is convenient if you want to change the line width or color of all the connectors in a single action.