Administrator Handbook TOC

Working with Text Object

Text Object description

A text object is considered like any other object of the View. Text objects could be dynamic and allow you to display the result of an SNMP request.

Creating a text object

For adding text, you must first drag and drop a text object from the Object navigator to the drawing window.

The text appears in a rectangular shape by default. The surrounding rectangle is the window that defines the visible zone of text. Even if you increase the font size the visible zone stay the rectangle zone.

Text could be of 3 types:


the surrounding rectangle is not visible,


the surrounding rectangle is visible


the surrounding rectangle is visible and filled with a color of your choice

Changing the font type, size and color

Changing the font of a text is performed either form the list box or by clicking on the Font button in upper tool bar.

Remark: The text object located in rectangle use one font. It is not possible to mix fonts within an object.

The text is always in the center of the rectangle.

The size is selected with the list box Font size.

The color is link to the use of a Pen. The Pen color defines the color of the text. If you want to change the color select the text object and then open the color picker box.

Changing the surrounding rectangle appearance

The surrounding rectangle when visible, in Outlined Text and Filled Text only, could be customized.

The rectangle of the Outlined text could have different border thickness. To change the border size selects it with the Line List box type in the upper tool bars. The rectangle could be also filled with the Brush picker tool.

A simple Outlined text

A modified Outlined text with bold line

A modified Outlined text with color

The filled text is equivalent to the Outlined text except that the surrounding rectangle border is not visible. Only the background color could be change.

Setting the Dynamic aspect of the Text object

Like other object, the Text object could be Dynamic but unlike other objects the text of the text object has the capability to be dynamically changed. The contents of the text could be defined initially (static text) or reflect the value of an SNMP object. The value of the SNMP object is either a text or an integer but for the Text object is always considered as a text string.

This option is available in the properties of the object in the Dynamic aspect configuration.

The steps for configuring the Dynamic Aspect are:

  1. In Request select Get SNMP value for a specified host
  2. Select either the default IP address if the current host is the right one or select one host in the Directory Picker.
  3. Select the object in the MIB object Picker and its index if it is an object of a table.
  4. Select the Named option.
  5. Do not load Expression Filter
  6. Click on the Fill Text Object option
  7. Finally click on Activate Dynamic Aspect

The rectangle surrounding the text could be also colored regarding the value return by the get. It is necessary then to add action in the action list.

Insert action and define the color of the rectangle on condition.

In the following example the Fill text object is checked.

The request is performed on the value of the SNMP OID sysname. If the Host is up in our device configuration the Get SNMP on the  sysname OID should return its name. Then the rectangle is green. If the return value is different from “Achille” the rectangle is red. A #ERROR appears instead of the sysname in the rectangle.

The sysname is collected and displayed

The sysname is not get with SNMP, the “error is displayed