Administrator HandbookTOC

Installing LoriotPro

LoriotPro is provided as an executable file and can be downloaded from the URL The name is linked to the version and is coded to enable better version maintenance and updates.

Run the executable file by double-clicking on the file from your preferred Windows environment in either an Explorer window or on the Desktop.

The installation program will ask you to read the license conditions and terms and accept them before continuing. The software will not be installed if you do not agree with the license terms. After that, you must choose the subdirectory where to install it.

The software will be copied into the chosen directory and then will open a window with two icons. One icon is for starting LoriotPro, the other is for uninstalling it. A window is opened with a copy of the license contract with last-minute information. Close it after reading it.

Apply the latest Update after having install the software and the add on package (Plug-In). This update could be download form the update page below: Update