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Watchdog program

This free watchdog program provided with LoriotPro allows you to monitor on a Windows os the status of a server application and to restart it automatically in case of failure. This program guarantees that LoriotPro is always running but it can also be used for monitoring other application. The watchdog program check at regular intervals that the LoriotPro process is running and also that the main server component of LoriotPro are allowing network connections. If LoriotPro is not running Watchdog start it.

Use of the watchdog program is recommended when LoriotPro stop inadvertantly. LoriotPro stop in abnormal condition and such event should be report to

Watchdog program is free of use, you should download the complete LoriotPro package to get it.

Warning: You should not install LoriotPro in service mode if you want to use the watchdog program.

The watchdog program is located in the /bin directory of LoriotPro and called Checkwatchdog.exe.

To install it run LoriotPro and the run Checkwatchdog.exe


In the process to watch list select LoriotPro process.

In the Executable to run browse and select the LoriotPro.exe program

Click the check box for port 162 and 5001. Click the kill radio button of this condition.

You should have a similar configuration:

watchdog window

When done click the Update/Save button.

Click the Start button

Leave the program running by reducing the window (do not click the quit button, it will close the watchdog program).

You can install the watchdog in the Startup Menu folder. In the Start Menu folder, find the shortcut to the program you want to start each time you start Windows, and drag it to the Startup folder located in the Programs folder.

Documents and Settings -> User name -> Start Menu -> Programs -> Startup

When done a restart of Windows will laucnh the Chekwatchdog program that will start the LoriotPro program.