Administrator HandbookTOC

Discovering the user interface
The LoriotPro main window.
The Workspace
Directory tree
Router tree
Service tree
The Health Control Center
Introduction to HCC
Associated functions
InterNetwork Map
InterNetwork Map access
Internetwork Map Icons
Network Icons
Router icons
Insert Menu
Supervise Menu
Options Menu
Global context Menu
Router context Menu
Host context menu
Managing MAP background image
The events window
Global Event window
Event Associated functions
Syslog window
Trap window
Trap Associated Functions
Trap Status Icons
Custom1 to Custom3 window
Filter window
The MinIMap window (Miniature Internetwork Map)
Tools Bars
Displaying and hiding Tool Bars
Master Tools Bar
Map Tools Bar
Search Tool Bar
Host Tool Bar
Directory Tool Bar
Default host selection (Select the active object)
Contextual Menus
Host dedicated tools
Global tools
Routers tree menu options
MIB tree menu options
Services tree menu options
MIB Output window
MIB Object Browser Picker
Directory Picker
Time Interval Picker
User interface customization