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Host dedicated tools


The table below provides a summary description of all tools that can be used with host objects.

Table of host dedicated tools



The Common Snmp Query tool allows you to send predefined and usual SNMP requests.

The Advanced Snmp Query tool allows you to build any type of query from the MIBII or proprietary object tree.

Remark : This tool is very useful for the development of plug-ins, debugging or to set SNMP values in devices.

This tool performs a kind of Ping but with the SNMP protocol. It allows you to check the SNMP agent presence in the device.

The SNMP Walk tool browses all objects in an MIB tree branch, and checks for their presence in the selected host.

This option menu allows you to call any plug-in; a plug-in is actually a program that performs specific SNMP requests and displays the results.

The Report Generator tool is one of the most powerful included with LoriotPro. Reports can be generated with this tool by using a scripting language that does all the necessary SNMP data processing.

This is the regular IP ping from Microsoft Windows.

This is the regular Telnet from Microsoft Windows.

The software starts your default Web navigator using the Windows users configuration. This is a very useful option, as most of todays equipment integrates a Web server and is HTML manageable.

This option allows you to start any external program with associated parameters.

The IP scanner tries to find information on devices located on a defined IP network by scanning addresses and ports.