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Service tree menu options

The last tab of the workspace gives access to the service tree. Service tree has its own associated tools.

Service tree tools access

From the main menu


Services option of the  main menu

From the Service tree window context menu

Service tree context menu

Service tree tools

This section provides a short description of Service tree associated tools.

Remark: In all cases, you must first select a service object before starting any of these tools.


Table of service tools



This option adds a new service in the tree.This windows invites you to choose a new service and to attach it at a branch of the service tree.


Example with the NetbiosNameResolve.sp:

The service is automatically loaded and started.

This option stops and destroys the selected service.

Warning: No warning is given before destroying a service. If this one uses critical resources or is not well developed, it may cause the LoriotPro application to crash.

Services are background tasks and can be shown by clicking the following icon:


Double-clicking on the service object in the tree displays it.

This option displays the properties window of the service if it exists.


The HTTP server service plug-in shows the window below.