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LoriotPro Object

The LoriotPro Directory object represents the local host where this LoriotPro software is running. The local host uses the loopback IP address It is always attached to the directory and could not be deleted. Excluding those specifications the LoriotPro host is a standard host.

The LoriotPro object could be used to attach all the Plug-in that are not dedicated to the management of a host. The best example is for Active Views that represents Global Maps, or a set of devices from the Network. It is in this case not logical, but still possible, to attach them to a host in the network.

Among this Plug-in we could discern:

Active View
Bulk TCP Poller
Bulk Threshold Control
Spanning Tree Bridge Map

Remark: The loopback address of LoriotPro is normally always able to answer to TCPIP and SNMP requess. It is then preferable to attach Plug-in and tools to it instead of attaching it to real physical interfaces.