Administrator Handbook TOC

Overview of the internal processes and service plugins


LoriotPro processes works in background tasks by using the Windows multi-thread capability of Microsoft Windows. Some of them are internal, included in the LoriotPro kernel, others are external and called plugin. Service Plugins are developed with the provided LoriotPro SDK. Standard plugin with their source code are provided with LoriotPro. They could serve as example and help you to develop your own plugin if you wish. Another chapter treats the Plugin development.

Internal process monitoring

LoriotPro uses internal processes working in background mode to provide a continuous monitoring service. The control of these internal tasks is at your hand and is done by control windows accessible in the graphical interface from the menu. LoriotPro uses three internal main processes.

The web server is an external plugin started as a service plugin. The choice ‘Web Server Process’ available in the main menu displays an informational window.

To access the internal monitoring windows select the configure option in the main menu.

ConFigure >…Process

ConFigure Menu

Table of the control process options



MRTG STyle Graph Process

LoriotPro does SNMP requests for all Directory task objects attached to hosts every five minutes. This data could be displayed in graph by the MRTG graph Process. A window is dedicated to the management and the monitoring of this process.

WEB server process

A service plugin provides the function of WEB server. The WEB server is used to access the management platform remotely. With this process, you can look at the map or at the directory from a browser. You can accomplish simple requests with a scripting language on any host located in the directory and check the status of your devices.

Poller Process

A dedicated process performs scheduled requests (polling) to all Directory objects. It is able to do SNMP request in version 1, 2c and 3 or ICMP ping requests by checking settings conFigure d in the host property window.

Discover Process

The Discover process is started initially and has the main role of discovering any devices connected to the networks.