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The SNMP and ICMP Polling Process

Introduction to snmp polling process

The LoriotPro poller process performs the snmp and icmp ping polling of all the hosts defined as host object in the directory and update the status, color of icons of the LoriotPro directory, hcc, maps, active view. The snmp polling and ping polling consists of simple snmp requests or icmp echo request that check the current state of devices. If a host doesn't answer to these requests, it is considered as in default or down by LoriotPro.

This autonomous process does the job at regular time intervals for all Directory hosts.

The snmp polling process could use either SNMP V1, V2c V3 (restricted) or iCMP requests. It generates the events that are displayed in the events manager but also change the color of host icons anywhere it is necessary. LoriotPro internally builds a chained list of hosts, the Poller process uses it permanently respecting time intervals configured for each of them.

The host properties allow you to define the polling parameters.

hots polling option
Polling setting

Remark: Refer to the advanced host settings.

Warning: The Poller Process doesn’t manage hosts defined as alias.

Start and stop the snmp polling Process

The snmp polling process could be managed from a specific window available from the main menu.

Configure >Poller Process...

poller process menu
Polling Process option of the main menu 

snmp polling process configuration
Snmp poling process console

Table of options



Start / Stop

These two buttons allow you to start and stop the Poller process.
If you click the Start button, the process will be started and an event 202 will be sent to the Event manager.
If you click the Stop button, the process will be stopped and an event 203 will be sent to the Event manager.

snmp polling information

snmp polling status event

Syslog deamon

When there is a change of host status, it is possible to send aSyslog message to a Syslog server. It is also possible to send an Event.

To use the Syslog capabilities, you must provide the IP address of the Syslog server and check the status levels that must be use to trigger the sending of a Syslog message.

syslog event  

In the example above, a message will be sent to the Syslog server if a host reaches the status 3 or status 4. When the host come back to status 2 no message will be sent.

WinSock 2 ping Polling

LoriotPro does ICMP polling  (ping) by using the version 2 of the Winsock API. If you use Windows 95, you will have to install the update for Winsock2.

winsock2 ping polling

The right information field notifies you of the current ICMP answer. 
If you don’t check this box, the process stops the ICMP request to the hosts.

snmp polling events

An event 204 or 205 is sent .
205 if the box is un-checked.
204 if this box is checked.

Warning: If you have checked for a specific host both options of ICMP and SNMP, the Poller process will first do a SNMP polling and in case of answer it will not do the ICMP polling.

script polling  

Snmp V1/V2c/V3 Polling

LoriotPro choose the SNMP v1/v2c/V3 (restricted) regarding the host object configuration.

snmp v1 v2c v3 polling  

The right field displays the host answers.
If you un-check this box the process will stop doing SNMP requests to hosts

snmp polling event

An event 206 or 207 is sent.
207 if the box is un-checked.
206 if this box is checked.

Send Event if status change

When a host status change, a event of LoriotPro type is sent only if this box is checked.

snmp polling event

A 101 event is sent if the host goes to a Status 4 (unreachable)
A 100 event is sent if the host comes back to status 1 (ping reachable) or 2 (SNMP reachable)).

Polling cycle time

This field informs you on the total time used by the Poller process to do a complete polling cycle of all hosts. If you have set a time interval lower than the time needed for a complete cycle, results could be incoherent.