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Syslog Events

Initially Syslog is an event management system commonly used in UNIX environment. It is now used in many domains and most of the network devices are able to send Syslog messages. Syslog messages are sent by Syslog client to a Syslog server.

LoriotPro could be considered as a Syslog server. A standard Syslog server is used to work on the dedicated UDP port 514.

LUTEUS has also release a complete solution for syslog message management called SYSLOG COLLECTOR. The Syslog collector is far most powerful than this embedded Syslog Server with limited feature. Consult the Syslog Collector documentation on our WEB site for more details.

LoriotPro should be set up correctly for behaving like a Syslog server. The line syslog_port 514 in the configuration file lalarm.ini.

Warning: LoriotPro is not designed for being a professional Syslog server but it provides the service of managing devices that are not able to send information in SNMP. If you need to manage a huge quantity of Syslog messages, you would better choose another product.

LoriotPro is not able to apply filter on Syslog messages thus they are just sent to the Syslog window. Only the last 500 received message are displayed in the Syslog Window. Messages are either real Syslog messages then their icon is , or they come from the Event manager and then their icon is .

Syslog server Syslog window

When receiving a Syslog message, LoriotPro creates a new entry in the Syslog log file. A new file is created each 24 hours with a new name and contains a time-stamp. These log files are located in  the directory /bin/www/log in an HTML format. They could be read from a LoriotPro WEB remote access.

Bin/www/log/ syslog_May_08_2002.html