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Event and Trap Filter window

Accessing the Filter Window

LoriotPro displays the filters under the filter tab of the Event Manager window. From there, the administrator could see and modify the Event and Trap filters. Filter are use to trigger actions.

The branch contains the filters associated to SNMP traps

The branch contains the filters associated to LoriotPro events

Event and Trap filter window

The Filters window allows the visualization and the configuration of Event and Trap filters and their associated actions.

Event and Traps branch of the filters window

The filter tree shows two main branches, the Event Filter branch and the Trap Filter branch.

Under each branch you find the list of Event or Trap that have defined filters

Under each Event or Trap filter you find a list of filters and their actions.

The Trap case

The Event case

Warning: Trap with a question mark could not be filtered because the associated MIB file are not loaded in memory. When you load new MIB with the compiler the Trapfilter is automatically updated and the red cross disappears.

Table of event and trap associated icons



Branch of the Event filters

Branch of the Trap filters

Le Trap is recognized by LoriotPro

Le Trap is not recognized by Loriot Pro. The MIB file with the trap definition should be compile

The specific number of an  enterprise  Trap

Trap associated Event number.

Node in the tree  of trap associated action type.

Action :  Wave (play a sound)

Action : Winrun (start a window program)

Action : smtp (send a E-mail)

Action : mapi  (experimental)

Action : dosrun (start a DOS program)

Action : syslog (send a Syslog message)

Action : trap (send a trap)

Action : Custom

Action : nul

Action : route (reserved to event filter)

The Trap filter window is a graphical editor of the filter file. The filter file is loaded in memory and thus the window should refresh iof you made any change to the filter file.

To refresh the tree from the main menu

Configure>Traps/Events Filters…>Refresh Traps Filter….

Or from the contextual menu [Filter] :

Refresh Traps Filter