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Trap counters and Trap Filter Counters

Introduced in LoriotPro V4, Trap Filter Counter gives you an overall view of  how many time an Trap filter has matched.

The Trap Filter Counters are incremented each time that a filter associated to a Trap is matched.

You can trigger actions on counter threshold.

Trap counter can be used in Active View to change the visual aspect of an Active View object.

Accessing the Trap Filter Counters window

Trap Filter Counters window is identified by the  icon.

You can access the Trap Filter Counter windows from multiple ways.

From the Global Trap windows contextual menu

Or from the Trap toolbar

Trap Filter Counter window

The Trap Filter Counters window display counter information related to each filter of each Trap.

The window is able to show you:

All the Filters that are defined in LoriotPro

Only the Filters that have been matched (with counter different from 0)

The display option allows you to choose between these two modes.

The List of Trap Filter information and Counter display the following information.


The list of all registered Trap and under each of them (indented) a list of filters.

A double click in this area opens the Trap Filter configuration window.

Total Filtered

count the number of trap

Matched since last clear counter

count the number of time that filter has been match since the last tile we clea the counter

A double click in this area open the Clear Counter Dialog box

Last filtered at

The time at which the last match occurs


Description of the filter and the associated action