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LoriotPro Style Graph


This Plugin performs graphs with the results of SNMP requests. The request are sent to the Directory host object to which the Plugin is attached. Some of the LoriotPro menus use it explicitly. It is thus possible to start it from the main menu or from a contextual menu. It is a good example of use of  HTTP functions and a JAVA applet within a Plugin.

Plugin LoriotGrapher.slp

To attach a Plugin to a host, open the host contextual menu:

Insert Task>Graph Interfaces (LoriotPro Style)


The Plugin is able to display 6 graphs, each of them having an assigned SNMP OID

The OID is set in the fields Object, a Ping button performs a SNMP test on the OID.

Table of parameters



Polling Interval in minutes

The time interval between each polling

Scan Interfaces

This Combo box gather the list of interfaces of the host

Once the list displayed, It is possible to set the SNMP object ifinoctets.x ifoutoctets.x of the selected interface in the  object 1 to object 6 fields.

Set the SNMP objects  ifinoctets.x ifoutoctets.x in the object field

This button should be click to activate your settings.

The Plugin displays the HTML page in your Navigator