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Dynamic DNS name to IP resolver

Monitor IP and snmp devices with dynamic IP address

The Dynamic DNS to IP resolver service plug-in of LoriotPro allows you to monitor host with dynamic IP address. The plug-in updates the host IP address regularly by checking its current IP address from a DNS. The use of DHCP and DDNS is often use in today network architecture and this is a great challenge to monitor devices that have volatile IP address. With LoriotPro and the Dynamic DNS to IP resolver you can now monitor adsl router, cable router and gprs router, from telecommunication network operator or from isp ( internet service provider) that have volatile IP addresses assigned by a couple of dhcp server and ddns server. Ping monitoring and snmp monitoring can be performed transparently on this device with dynamic IP address.

Historically, DDNS was a necessary addition to Windows 2000. A basic DHCP based network use a static DNS server for name registration and resolution. However it is impossible even for a team of administrators to update the DNS database every time a client received a new IP address. But how would they know when the addresses change ?

The answer is DDNS which is a combination of DHCP and DNS and client registration working together. DHCP is responsible for the dynamic update of IP addresses and the DDNS keeps a link between all host names (fixed) and their current IP address (dynamic).

DHCp and DDNS operation

The monitoring of such IP device is not easy because a static configuration is not possible. Our SNMP manager LoriotPro should keep an up to dat directory with the current and valid IP address of each host. That is the role of the dynamic DNS to IP service plug-in. This one is constantly checking with the DDNS what is the new IP address of hosts with dynamic IP addresses and update the entry in the LoriotPro directory when necessary. LoriotPro can still perform its polling transparently even if the adress change. All other plugin attached to a host use the new IP address to continue their operation.

Installing the DDNS to IP plugin

Select the Service tab of the LoriotPro workspace and click the right mouse button. The contextual menu should open. Select the Dynamic DNS to IP plugin.

Install the Dynamic DNS to IP

The plugin is displayed you just have to start it

DDNS host monitoring

The dynamic DNS Name to IP resolver uses your local DNS configuration to resolve name to IP address. You should check that the system where LriotPro is installed has access to the DNS first.

Modifying the host in the directory to support dynamic IP address

The dynamic DNS Name to IP resolver plugin only update host of the directory that have the DDNS option activated.

To activate this option you should open the host properties

adsl and ddns host monitor

The Dynamic name should contain a working DNS name and the Activate Dynamic name option should be checked.