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Using External Database



LoriotPro can store some of its information in any ODBC compliant SQL Database.

The LoriotPro WEB remote access can access this database (this functionnality requires a MySQL database and the PHP interpreter).

The data that can be save in the database are:

Remark:LoriotPro do not provide a Database service but will support ODBC drivers provided with your preferred Database Engine.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is a widely accepted application programming interface (API) for database access. It is based on the Call-Level Interface (CLI) specifications from X/Open and ISO/IEC for database APIs and uses Structured Query Language (SQL) as its database access language.

Warning : This support has been tested with a MySQL Database. Normally other database engine should work but we will not provide support on them.

Installation steps

The installation steps that should be followed are:

Software requirements

As we mentionned previously a Database server is required and the PHP language.

We do not have tested LoriotPro with all existing Database and ODBC associated drivers.

We have mainly focused on the MySQL Database in version 3 and 4.

We use the PHP 4 version. PHP 5 is also available but not yet tested with our PHP scripts.

For those that are not acustomed with Open Source Program, we recommend to use the EASYPHP package that will install the necessary software. This package contains the Apache WEB server, PHP script interpreter, the MySQL server Database engine and PhpMyAdmin a tool written in PHP that will help you to manage MySQL Database.

Remark: Apache and phpMyAdmin are not required by LoriotPro. LoriotPro provides its own WEB server and do not rely on an external WEB server.

You can download EasyPHP from:

This table list the current available version of EasyPHP and its underlying softwares.

  WEB Server PHP Version MySQL Version phpMyAdmin Version
EasyPHP 1.8 Apache 1.3.33 PHP 4.3.10 MySql 4.1.9 PhpMyAdmin 2.6.1
EasyPHP 1.7 Apache 1.3.27 PHP 4.3.3 MySQL 4.0.15 PhpMyAdmin 2.5.3
EasyPHP 1.6 Apache 1.3.24 PHP 4.2.0 MySQL 3.23.49 phpMyAdmin 2.2.6