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LoriotPro Plugin types

Table of Plugin types

 Plugin types


Direct Plugin

They are used to process the data of a specific Directory Object. They are started one by one and work independently. They are used to perform  one SNMP request or a set. These Plugin have the file extension .lp.

Directory Plugin

They allow you to associate an application to a Directory host. This Plugin are loaded and saved within the Directory. They allow you to do schedule tasks or repetitive tasks (graphics, polling …). These Plugin extend the capacity of LoriotPro by creating an Active  Directory. These Plugin have the file extension .slp.

Service Plugin

The Service Plugin are loaded in complement of the LoriotPro services. They are not linked to a host or to any object of the Directory. They are used to extend the features of LoriotPro (SMTP Scheduler, Syslog server, Telnet server ...)

The three types of Plugin use the same programming logic but do not use the same sub routines. A LoriotPro Plugin is a Windows DLL containing prerequisite functions allowing it to communicate with the LoriotPro kernel. The Software Development Kit available in LoriotPro is provided with numerous source code examples. They were developed with   Visual Studio V6.00 SP4 from Microsoft but other compiler could be used.

By default, LoriotPro is distributed with several Plugin that represent good examples of what could be made to extend the LoriotPro capacities.

Some of them are quite simple and are usable as examples. Some other are very complex and work tightly with the LoriotPro kernel. LoriotPro at each cold start dynamically loads them.