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Direct Plugin


They are used to process the data of a specific Directory Object. They are started one by one and work independently. They are used to perform one SNMP request or a set. These Plugin have the file extension .lp.

Loading a Direct Plugin

The Direct Plugins are either loaded from the object contextual menu, from the main menu or from the  various Tool Bars.

From the contextual menu select:

Tools>Call Plugin…

Menu contextuel des plugins directs

From the main menu after having selected a Directory host object:

Supervise>Current Host>Call Plugin…

Direct Plugin option from main menu

Access from the Host Tools Bar :

Tool bar and direct  Plugin

Remark : The Host Tools Bar give you a list of the Direct Plugin available in the

bin/plug-in directory.

LoriotPro is provided with the CiscoConfig Plugin as Direct Plugin example.