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Directory Plugin


They allow you to associate an application to a Directory host object. These Plugin are loaded and saved within the Directory. They allows you to perform schedule tasks or repetitive tasks (graphics, polling …). These Plugin extend the capacity of LoriotPro by creating an Active  Directory. These Plugin have the file extension .slp.

Example of this Plugin types are provided. Source codes are also provided for some of them in the SDK and could help you  to develop your own Directory Plugin.

Loading a Directory Plugin

The Direct Plugins are either loaded from the object contextual menu, from the main menu or from the various Tool Bars.

From the contextual menu select:

Insert Task>Service Plugin Task…

Directory contextual Menu for Plugin

From the main menu after having selected a Directory host object:

Edit>Insert Task>Service Plugin Task…

Directory Plugin access from the main menu

Access from the Host Tools Bar :

Directory Plugin access from the Tools Bar

Remark : The Host Tools Bar gives you a list of the Directory Plugin available in the

bin/plug-in directory and having the extension .slp.

When loading a Plugin a pop up window asks you to confirm your action.

If you answer YES, the Plugin will be inserted in the Directory and linked to the default host. Plugin uses an icon representing a hammer.

A double click on the Plugin icon  displays the main window of the Plugin (working as background task).

A 209 event is sent to the event manager indicating that the Plugin is loaded in memory.

Management of the Plugin status

Plugin could manage their supervision status. A small colored round within the icon represents this status. Color changes with the same rules that were previously documented.

The Health Control Center also displays Plugin and their status.

To display the Plugin attached to a host select the icon  of the Health Tools Bar.

In the Graphic Map or a Sub Directory Map displaying hosts, the displayed status is the worst status of one of the host attached Plugin.

In this example, the ‘Default Gateway’ host is magenta, notifying you that it is not supervised. However, a green square notifies you that the host has attached tasks of Plugin types, all of them are activated and well working. A double click action on the object develops the directory branch and displays them with their status.

Polling TCP Service


This Plugin gives you the capability of maintaining a close monitoring of the application availability. Network applications provides services by means of  TCP service ports.

Periodically testing the presence of such port gives a first level of information on the application availability. This Plugin does not use SNMP and thus is a good example of Plugin using the Event Management API.

Plugin PollTCPService.slp


Table of parameters



Polling TCP service

The TCP port to test. In our example the Telnet port 23 is supervised.

Polling timeout in ms

The time interval between two tests in milliseconds.

Alarm event number user

The message number used by the Event Manager in case of no response. (Alert)

Example for TCP port 90  with 10030 as assigned number

Update Parameters

Click on this button to update settings.

Remark : This Plugin handles the status color management.

Polling URL Link


This Plugin gives you the capability of maintaining a close monitoring of your WEB servers. Periodically testing the presence of an HTML page of your severs gives a first level of information on the WEB server availability. This Plugin is a good example of Plugin using the Graphical API of the SDK.

Plugin PollURLLinkStat.slp

Warning : This Plugin uses the Microsoft API and thus relies on the cache of your local Navigator. Regarding its settings, the results could not be relevant and response times could be erroneous.

Remark : Values are automatically saved in the www/tmp  directory in a .csv format.

Fichier url_link_10_33_10_121_80.html_.csv

1015082676;0.050000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:24:36 2002
1015082686;0.000000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:24:46 2002
1015082696;0.330000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:24:56 2002
1015082706;0.160000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:25:06 2002
1015082716;0.220000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:25:16 2002
1015082726;0.170000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:25:26 2002
1015082736;0.220000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:25:36 2002
1015082746;0.270000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:25:46 2002
1015082756;0.220000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:25:56 2002
1015082766;0.220000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:26:06 2002
1015082776;0.110000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:26:16 2002
1015082786;0.110000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:26:26 2002
1015082796;0.000000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:26:36 2002
1015082806;0.110000;0;Sat Mar 02 16:26:46 2002