Administrator HandbookTOC

Introduction to WEB Remote Console

The WEB remote console access allow a user to see the main information available on the LoriotPro console. Among this information, the user can see the Directory Tree, the event logs, the InterNatwork MAP, Active Views, plug-in interfaces, Reports...

The Remote Console use a WEB interface as displayed in the following view.

The WEB acces allows only a user to passively see and supervise but not to manage the Network.

To provide access from a standard WEB navigator, LoriotPro has its own internal WEB server.

The WEB server is a proprietary WEB server design exclusively for accessing the LoriotPro console from a remote WEB navigator like the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The WEB server process is a Service Plugin. A LoriotPro service plugin could be attached to the LoriotPro Kernel. It is dynamically loaded or unloaded depending on itsípresence in the Service tree window. All resources from LoriotPro are available for a service Plug-in.

For an optimal use, we recommend the IE navigator from Microsoft as WEB navigator.

Competing with the professional WEB server already available on the market is not the main objective of the LoriotPro WEB server. It is here to allow you to remotely access LoriotPro data and cannot not be use for other purposes.