Administrator HandbookTOC

Introduction to reporting

LoriotPro reporting provides you with the tools you need to display SNMP collected data into user friendly reports. Because we use standard WEB format you have a complete flexibility in report creation and layout, limited only by your imagination.

The user WEB interface navigation is familiar and easy-to-use, with full formatting and graphing capabilities.

A powerful automated production reporting allows you to produce report on schedule, with just few clicks of the mouse.

Full sets of predefined reports to be retrieve and displays immediately. A MIB to report file converter that create detailed reports in few seconds allowing you to generate report with your proprietary MIB files.

A powerful html tag based scripting language give you the possibility to develop your own reports and customize them for your SNMP devices.

Reports are accessible on the LoriotPro console and on the LoriotPro WEB remote console. By setting user access rights on reports you define who have access to reports from the LoriotPro WEB remote console.

Example of report

LoriotPro report display single SNMP object names in blue and object values in green.SNMP Tables are in green and values are in green and blue.

Reporting Architecture

The reporting architecture is built around a program called Report Generator. Report Generator reads report script files, interprets the embedded LoriotPro proprietary tags and performs the corresponding SNMP request or Directory requests. Results of these requests are written in standard temporary HTML files and displayed with Internet Explorer.

Creation of reports consist of the creation of report script files. To create report it is easy to use a HTML editor. All the standard HTML tags are supported within reports. It is also possible to add PHP syntax within these files. Report script file have the extension .rep.

The alternative for having report is to use the MIB files. MIB files describe SNMP objects in a standard format (SMI). A program for converting MIB files to report is provided. The MIB file is formatted with all the description text and simple SNMP request are created on all its objects including tables. Running a report file generated form a MIB file performs SNMP request on each object of the MIB and display their current values. All reports for the standard MIB 2 files are provided with LoriotPro. You do not have to create it.

Report could be generated on demand or on schedule. The Report Scheduler program allows you to generate report at predefined intervals. With it you are sure that the SNMP information displayed is up to date.

Warning: The Report script file are interpreted by the build in LoriotPro WEB server. Using another type of WEB server (Apache, IIS) is not possible.