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Converting MIB files into Reports

LoriotPro provides a tool that generates reports directly from the MIB files. This tool is located in the MIB sub directory and is called mtr.exe (MIB to Report).

The mtr.exe program is a console program running in a DOS window. To convert a MIB file run the mtr program with one or two arguments.

mtr mibfilename*.*

This command will convert all the MIB file starting with mibfilename into report file with the same name with a .rep extension.

mtr mibfilename outfilename

This command will convert a specific MIB file into a report with the name outfilename.rep

Example: We convert the HP MIB file lj6p.mib into a report. We use the syntax mtr lj6p.mib that generates the LaserJet6P-MIB.rep. The name file is built from the MIB file internal description.

This file could now be copied into the appropriate directory.

If you want to access the script file from the Host tool bar you should copied the generated files into the /bin directory.

Directory of non visible script files

If you use it localy with the Report Generato you could keep it in the /bin directory else copy it in the /bin/www/rep directory that contains the report files visible from a WEB remote console.

Converting a bunch of MIB files

If you want to convert a set of MIB files, use the m2r.bat batch file. The generated output files will be placed in the /report sub directory.

Example of m2r.bat file

copy ..\lmib.txt
copy ..\mtr.exe
mtr *.mib
mtr *.my
move *.rep ..\report
delete lmib.txt*