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TCP Connection Entry
Name tcpConnTable
Description A table containing TCP connection-specific
Name tcpConnEntry
Description Information about a particular current TCP
connection.  An object of this type is transient,
in that it ceases to exist when (or soon after)
the connection makes the transition to the CLOSED
Values Table of : tcpConnEntry

Object Description
tcpConnState The state of this TCP connection.
The only value which may be set by a management
station is deleteTCB(12).  Accordingly, it is
appropriate for an agent to return a `badValue'
response if a management station attempts to set
this object to any other value.
If a management station sets this object to the
value deleteTCB(12), then this has the effect of
deleting the TCB (as defined in RFC 793) of the
corresponding connection on the managed node,
resulting in immediate termination of the
As an implementation-specific option, a RST
segment may be sent from the managed node to the
other TCP endpoint (note however that RST segments
are not sent reliably).
tcpConnLocalAddress The local IP address for this TCP connection.  In
the case of a connection in the listen state which
is willing to accept connections for any IP
interface associated with the node, the value is used.
tcpConnLocalPort The local port number for this TCP connection.
tcpConnRemAddress The remote IP address for this TCP connection.
tcpConnRemPort The remote port number for this TCP connection.

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