Contextual Menu

Once the host is selected, it is possible to call up tools that can perform the various administration tasks.

LoriotPro provides internal tools but are also able to support add-on tools that you write with the SDK or just call up from a menu.

In the next paragraph we will see how to access these tools from multiple windows.

From the Directory context menu

Selecting the host and right-clicking displays the context menu.

Directory context menu

From the main menu

With a host selected, select an option from the supervise menu:           

Supervise>Current Host>’… option….’

Main menu access

From the Host Tool Bar

This tool bar provides the easiest and fastest access: clicking once on the right icon gives direct access to the tool.

Host Tool Bar

From the Health Control Center context menu

Select an object in the Health Control Center window and right-click to display the context menu below.

Health Control Center context menu

From the Internetwork Map

The Internetwork map window offers more tools than the others; particularly, router tools are available and allow you to perform specific SNMP requests.

Inter6Network Map - Router object contextual menu

Internetwork Map - Host object contextual menu

Sub Directory Map context menu

Remark: Tools available in these menus are described in detail in subsequent chapters.