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Global tools

Global tools are used to perform general administrative tasks not necessarily dedicated to a host. These tools can be used at any time and do not need (as do other tools) to have a selected host.

Global tool

Overview of the global tools

The table below gives an overview of the global tool provided with LoriotPro.

Table of global tool functions





Start a Windows ping on the current selected host


Start a Windows telnet on the current selected host

WEB Browser

Start a http session on the current selected host

Execute External Program

Execute an external program

Advanced SNMP QSuery

The Advance SNMP query performs SNMP query on the selected host. The query is totally user defined. A trace of the query could be display. A real SNMP debugger.

SNMP Walker

SNMP walker, browse the MIB tree down the child of a selected node for a selected host.

Mib Scripter

The MIB Scripter allows you to create an SCI file which contains a list of SNMP objects (OID). These files can be used later on by the SNMP query tool to do complex requests in one shot.

Edit Active View

Edit ACtive View start the Active View Editor allowing to create or modify a View.


LoriotPro Tools

LoriotPro tool open the Plug-in selector window below.

From there you can select a Plug-in among the list of plug-in


All the Plug-in are listed after and could be directly selected