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The MIB Output window

The MIB Output window is use to display the result of queries on MIB objet.

The associated icon is

You can display it from the Main tool bar

The MIB output windows displays columns with the Host IP address on which the request has been performed, the MIB object Name, and the returned value.

Access to the tools

From the main menu:

MIB >…OutputWindows

Output Windows

The context menu of the MIB Output window is also available by a right click in the window.

MIB Output options

This section describes the options available with the MIB output window.


Remark: Options are detailed in a subsequent chapter.

Table of options



This option displays or hides the MIB output window.

Remark: This window is from DockBar type, and it is linked to the main window.

Clear all information displayed in the window.

Allows you to save the displayed information in a file.

Remark: The created file has a text file format.

Close the file open previously.

Extract of a Dump.txt file:;sysobjectid.0;catprod.17;sysuptimeinstance;Fri Jan 02 03:39:57 1970;sysname.0;C2500-11-7;syslocation.0;home2;sysservices.0;6;sysorlastchange.0;Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 1970