Administrator HandbookTOC

User interface customization


The graphical interface of LoriotPro uses a “skin” technology. Skins are graphical profiles that users could select and that change the look of their working environment.

How to select a Skin

To select a new skin from the main menu

Windows>Skin Selection…

Select a Skin

Skin selection window

By default LoriotPro offers a limited number of skins. However, it is possible to load new skins from the website or from the website.

2003 look

2005 look

XP look

Example of a new environment:  Skin

Tool Bar modification

You can also customize your tool bar from the main menu.


Menu Windows>Customize...

Tool Bar icon modifications

Dragging and dropping icons from this window directly onto the Tool Bar will automatically add them.

Tool Bar access

The Toolbar tab allows you to select what tool bars will be displayed on startup.